Ex Arbor

Dempsey and Makepeace   >

This is a WebGL based implementation of a text effect found in the intro of the Dempsey and Makepeace television series. This demo uses Three.js and the Refnew typeface.

JS1K 2012 Entry   >

Watch my JS1K 2012 (Love) demo competition submission: virtually infinite neoplasticism art, in 980 characters of JavaScript.

UFO Laser War in Space   >

Play an early 1980's style space shooter game implemented using modern web technology.

JS1K 2010 Entry   >

See my entry in the 2010 JS1k demo competition. Oldskool effects in HTML5.

Two Colors   >

Explore the power of two color generative design. Almost any random two color combination gives an interesting visual effect. The background is generated randomly, the color of the text is changed to match the colors of the background.